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The philatelic Webpages of Guernsey - Jersey - Man

.... are a "community enterprise" of the two stamp collectors societies FGCI and CISS. They are concerned both with the Philatelie of the channel islands. In the FGCI are organized also still the collectors of the isle of man as Isle of Man Study Circle.

With our web pages we want to inform you about everything, what does approximately around our assembly area, but her also to energize to become member in the FGCI and/or CISS.

At these web pages always worked and above all will become pieces of news and dates updated, it is always worthwhile oneself thus for the collecting tank to visit our homepage regularly and often. Our Webmaster receives also gladly (constructional) criticism and suggestions.

Current book reviews

Olaf Beecken: Documents from the channel islands to the fortress time August 1944 - Mai 1945

Book review of Leopold Mayr

This publication consists of 3 small booklets too ever approx.. 75 sides. Contents have to do with Philatelie as well as nothing, but it shows the tendency and the everyday life in the fortress period of the channel islands by letter texts, partly also photos and by official documents.
Photocopies from soldier's small book sides, of the German surrender document for Alderney, of medical patient documents, armed forces tickets and of photos are the optical hold control in a composition, which consists to the majority of the texts of army postal service letters. They show, which moral meaning the postverkehr had by the supply aircraft for the enclosed crew of the islands. Between the lines collecting tank also a lot of background information picking out leaves itself for the army postal service. The texts confirm again and again also the data of the well-known supplying flights, and they show, how surprisingly the flight things landings for the groups of crews took place. Many letters became in all hurry geschrie ben, if it oozed that a flier had arrived.

3 the booklets is an interesting reading material for that, which wants to make itself a picture of the situation the German soldiers on the channel islands between August 1944 and May 1945. Beyond that the publication shows in addition, that there is the aspect of the letter text apart from pure collecting of army postal service around impacts with all stamping also still. This has for the collecting mostly little meaning, is however exactly regards a historical certification, exactly the same as the envelope. There is the winged word "a mark shows a picture, an envelope with mark and stamp however speaks". The increase is probably "an envelope with received letter tells a whole history".
Source of supply: Olaf Beecken